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Hi! We’re the LASOs, Toronto’s six official Local Arts Service Organizations.

From Etobicocke, to Scarborough, to North York, to the Lakeshore, to East Toronto, to York, each of us serve key regions outside the downtown core. We work together to deliver arts programming, cultural events, advocacy, and economic development opportunities to artists and residents in each community.

With the support of the City of Toronto, we are committed to providing free/low cost, accessible, and quality programming, while responding to each communities’ unique needs. We operate from an inclusive, anti-oppressive framework with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Get to know each of us below!

Arts Etobicoke is a not-for-profit charitable organization that focuses on improving people’s lives through the arts. Our mission is to provide equitable access to arts programming to all Etobians, regardless of economic or social status. A strong, inclusive community is one where all individuals can freely express their art and culture to open and welcoming audiences.

We have developed an inclusive and creative community hub that is open to all people in West Toronto. Arts Etobicoke is a place where everyone can express their art and culture through our programs, exhibitions, workshops, events, classes, and professional development. Arts Etobicoke engages community members through public celebrations, free arts education programs, professional development, and professional exhibitions. In addition to our Hub, Arts Etobicoke has been commissioned to develop a community hub through our arts programming at Cloverdale Mall. Every summer we identify and animate a park in a high-needs area to create an outdoor community arts hub. Outside of these spaces, we also offer programming in various other community venues including Montgomery’s Inn, Creative Village Studio, Artscape Youngplace, Rexdale Community Hub, Albion Library and other agencies such as schools, libraries, community centres.

East End Arts is a non-profit community arts organization with the mission to unite, inspire and enhance the communities of east Toronto with the transformative power of the arts. We provide inclusive arts programming, events and initiatives – both in-person and online – to our local communities, including youth, newcomers, seniors and other priority groups. We also provide professional development opportunities to both emerging and established artists and arts organizations.

Our service area, which currently includes wards 14 and 19, is an area that is brimming with artists, arts and cultural organizations, and a wide array of creative communities and projects. We play an integral role on the ground level to increase artistic activity in our neighbourhoods, and bring people together through the arts. We challenge ourselves, and our community members to think big, and reimagine public spaces, communities, and neighbourhoods in new and innovative ways. Some of our past and current highlights include east Toronto’s inaugural Nuit Blanche East Danforth Hub, our #EastEndLove screen-printing program, #DestinationDanforth and the beautification of a key main street, and most recently our industry leadership and our digital offerings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lakeshore Arts (LSA) is not-for-profit community arts organization founded in 1993 that serves the Etobicoke communities. LSA is dedicated to engaging all peoples using multidisciplinary art forms as a way of enriching lives and strengthening Toronto’s communities. We are one of six Local Arts Service Organizations (LASOs) in the city of Toronto who work collaboratively to support the community arts sector, aligning with the 2018-2022 Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy of inclusion and equity in geographic areas outside the core.

Our values embrace accessibility, transparency and respect focusing on creating impact using the arts as a catalyst for community engagement. Our programmatic framework integrates an anti-oppression and equity lens in its development and evaluation.

North York Arts is a non-profit and registered charity. We were established by the Toronto Arts Foundation in 2011 to specifically address the gap of an arts service organization in the region. Our mission is to collaborate with artists, arts organizations and partners to produce and strengthen local arts programming for North York communities. We serve North York’s 6 vibrant wards where we provide programs and opportunities to youth, families, seniors, emerging and/or established local artists, and more. Our vision is for an inclusive, equitable, engaged and sustainable arts community in North York.

Scarborough Arts is one of Toronto’s six (6) Local Arts Service Organizations (LASO) mandated to bring arts and cultural services, programs and advocacy to communities outside the city’s downtown core. Our mission is to develop, deliver, and promote arts programming and cultural sector growth in collaboration and partnership with the community. We have a respected 42-year history of supporting the livelihoods and career development of artists, facilitators, and culture workers from equity-seeking groups (e.g., BIPOC, LGBTQ2S++, newcomers, immigrants and refugees, youth, seniors, etc.) across the Scarborough region. Our innovative arts and cultural programs attract people of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, abilities, cultures and beliefs. We are an inclusive community arts organization with principles of equity and justice at our core. We bring artists to the community and community to the arts.

UrbanArts is a progressive, not-for-profit charitable Local Arts Service Organization (LASO) providing opportunities for diverse cultural expression, artistic development, training and employment to members of urban communities with a focus on youth in central west Toronto; UrbanArts focuses on engaging community through the arts; UrbanArts is an incubator for local arts, with a range of programs led by professional artists in visual, literary, digital, culinary and media arts, theatre, dance and music. As the thread that weaves together generations, UrbanArts offers its program and services to the broader community, maintaining a focus on youth. Central to its mission, UrbanArts is committed to the goal of building inclusive, engaged communities by enriching people’s lives through the arts, culture and heritage, with programs, services and resources delivered within the former City of York boundaries, with a focus on York South-Weston.

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